Thursday, August 13, 2015

About Foivos Delivoras

On the occasion of the appearance of Foivos on the third Kioni festival i would like to write a few things about Foivos, and personally one of my top favorite musicians.

He was born on 29 September 1973 and he is from Kalithera. 

In 1988, when he was only 15 years old, he took a cassette of his songs to Manos Xatzidakis resulting, one year later, in the release of his debut album "Η παρέλαση" in November 1989. His second disk was released, quite a few years after the first, on July 1995 and it was titled "Η ζωή μόνο ετσι ειν' ωραία". The same year he participated for the first time in a live music performance with Dionysis Savvopoulos. In 1998, his third album was released and it was titled "Χάλια".In the summer of 2003, his next album is released, the title of which is "Ο καθρέφτης" and he released many albums since than.

For all those who do not speak any Greek at all or at least fluently, Foivos Delivorias may seemed a bit uninterested as they will not understand the lyrics and his way of expression. Foivos Delivorias is a storyteller who creates half stories so you can get them in your mind and to make tham your own with your own affections, your own sorrows, your own representations. Foivos puts in your mouth things you want to say to your father, your girlfriend, your friends, and even yourself.

Sometimes  "he writes bullshit", he even admitted himself.

Even more often he creates the stories about the songs he has written. Stories that are not true but when he narrates them you travel along. 

Foivos is perhaps the only one who uses so modern and simple everyday speech exprations and compines them to songs that talk about our lives.

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